Krishna Complex, No. 2B, 3rd Floor,
Hayes Road, Bengaluru - 560 025.


Quality is all-encompassing at Quikjet Airlines. Our dedication to the laid down standards and policies has augmented our position as a leading provider of Air Cargo services. Our Quality team works with employees to ensure that our quality policy is fully integrated into all processes. At the same time, the integrated management system plays a critical part in ensuring that our authority approvals are maintained. Quality also entails learning from the ongoing processes. Regular exchanges of information and ideas between Quality Managers in India and our group companies across the globe broaden our spheres further, in our bid to maintain the best quality standards.


Responsibility for the environment and careful use of natural resources are our guiding principles. Industrial environmental protection has multiple disciplines, and is the need of the hour. At Quikjet, environmental protection is, therefore, systematically integrated into operational sequences, so that environmental performance can be optimized, overall. Quikjet’s policies are simultaneously conducive to the growth of the company and environmental sustainability.


Health and safety are integral to our work culture. Our aim is to identify potential risks early on, ensure that operations are trouble-free and promote responsible action at all levels. Quikjet maintains international health and safety standards at work. Extensive preventive measures ensure that safety at the workplace is never compromised with. The onset of any new operation including planning new work routines, creating new workstations or introducing new work equipment is implemented only after all health and safety guidelines have been adhered to. The existing standards of safety are continually scrutinized, assessed and improved. We have a team who is well equipped with the required skill set to identify possible hazards and exposure to potentially harmful elements at the workplace. This enables appropriate remedial action on time. Regular training on all aspects of hazard identification and safety regulation compliant practices further safeguards the trust our employees and clients place in us. We ensure that an unsafe situation does not arise, but are also prepared to nullify the effects, in case of unavoidable danger.

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