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The e-commerce retail market is among India’s fastest-growing markets. The increasing penetration of internet and smart phones across the country, increase in the average household income, ease of payment and access to commodities across the length and breadth of the country combined with the convenience, access and variety, has increased the growth of this industry.

To sustain this growth, the e-commerce industry has been witnessing a scaling up in service orientation, with an emphasis on service level. This growth takes place while coping with the legacy of inadequate infrastructure and long hampered logistics inefficiency amongst other bottlenecks.

Efficient logistics is the key for the growth of the e-commerce sector and is increasingly the key differentiator in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

Air connectivity is a vital logistics link in enabling the e-commerce players in meeting these customer expectations.

Quikjet can offer customised solutions for enabling quick and speedy deliveries, in line with customer expectations.


  • Customize airfreight network with dedicated air capacity.
  • Carry specialised freight such as DG and Hazardous materials & perishables safely.
  • Create a network and payload scale by customising aircraft based on the payload requirements.
  • Optimize the industry delivery network by providing an efficient and time sensitive mode of transport.
  • Circumvent unquantifiable delays in intra state movement by surface, resulting in a more efficient delivery network.
  • Reduce warehouse requirements by providing timely movement of stock, resulting in fewer dollars on the shelf.


BOEING 737- 400SF

The B737-400SF has superior operational efficiency and a highly reliable performance record. Our B737-400SF is one of the most cost-effective air freighters, with specialized payload range capabilities that minimize customers’ fuel-related expenses. The B737-400SF is a short-to-medium-range aircraft with a payload capacity of nearly 11 pallets. Its sophisticated engineering makes it an air freighter that is easier to maintain and manage, while ensuring timely deliveries.

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The ATR 72-200 Cargo with LCD Modules facilitates hassle-free loading of oversized goods or containers. The ATR all-freight version offers the unique capability of meeting specific regional cargo market requirements, thanks to its wide cross section and a Large Cargo Door allowing transportation of standard ULD containers (88x62 / 88x108) or LD3. This provides a powerful competitive advantage to regional cargo and feeder operators. The installation of the LCD module on an ATR freighter provides operators with a flexible, multipurpose cargo platform for transportation of ULD pallets and/or bulk freight.

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