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BOEING 737 - 400SF

The B737-400SF has superior operational efficiency and a highly reliable performance record. Our B737-400SF is one of the most cost-effective air freighters, with specialized payload range capabilities that minimize customers’ fuel-related expenses. The B737-400SF is a short-to-medium-range aircraft with a payload capacity of nearly 11 pallets. Its sophisticated engineering makes it an air freighter that is easier to maintain and manage, while ensuring timely deliveries.

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  • Main Deck Cargo Door:  2.18 X 3.56 M
  • Clear Door Opening:  2.16 X 3.48 M
  • Cargo Volume:  145 m3
  • Total Aircraft Payload:  20 500 kg
  • Cruising Speed:  850 km/h
  • Fuel Consumption:  2700 l/h
  • Max Range:  5000 km
  • Cargo control and hydraulic panel mounted on   9G barrier
  • Independent   28 VDC hydraulic system for cargo door operation
  • Fuselage structurally reinforced around cargo door opening
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