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Boeing 737-800 BCF

The B7373-800 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF) are the Next Generation Freighters. The 737-800 BCF’s carries up to 23 tonnes of cargo to much longer ranges than the 737 Classics. The 737-800 BCF’s are 20% fuel efficient per tonne than the 737 Classic series which not only translates into better operating economics but reduces the carbon footprint too.

The aircraft is equipped with large cargo doors, cargo handling systems, and seating for four staff or passengers. In addition, 737-800BCF also has a capacity for 12 pallet positions that can hold 11 pallets measuring 88 in x 125 in standard and one pallet measuring 88 in x 62 in.

Typical 737-800BCF Cargo Arrangement

Versatile Air Cargo Performer

737-800BCF Principal Characteristics
Maximum taxi weight kg (lb) 79,240 (174,700)
Maximum takeoff weight kg (lb) 79,000 (174,200)
Maximum landing weight kg (lb) 66,350 (146,300)
Maximum zero fuel weight kg (lb) 62,750 (138,300)
Fuel capacity L (US gal) 26,025 (6,875)
Volume limit payload kg (lb) 20,768 (45,787)
Design range (MTOW, Volume limit payload) nmi (km) 2,570 (4,760)
Structural Limit Payload kg (lb) 23,950 (52,800)
Design Range (Max Structural Payload) nmi (km) 1,995 (3,700)
Main deck cargo volume m3 (ft3) 141.5 (4,997)
Lower deck cargo volume m3 (ft3) 43.7 (1.543)
Total cargo volume m3 (m3) 185.2 (6.540)

4% fuel economy degradation
1- Typical representative weights. Actual weights will vary depending on individual feedstock configuration prior to conversation
2- Bulk volume in lower deck

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