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Career Opportunities

We take great pride in our team members as we together create a great company. We work together to pursue our shared purpose – a promise to help us and our clients achieve their goals. Come be part of our team–bring your ideas, expertise and determination to make a difference. Given below are the current opportunities.

Job Title:Technical Officier - Purchase
Location: Bengaluru
Education Qualifications:
  • Graduate/Diploma or Equivalent

Work Experience:
  • 5 years experience in Purchase department in Aviation industry with basic knowledge of aircraft parts

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Proficient in MS Office application/ERP software

  • To ensure that all procurements of aircraft parts are in compliance with airworthiness requirements and from approved sources.Ensure that the process is fully documented and completed in accordance with the laid down Company policies and procedures.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Purchase
  • Distribute vendor registration forms and register vendors after due approval process as laid down in the Company manuals.
  • Vetting of all material requisitions and processing the same.
  • IssueRFQ/RFPto a minimum of 7 (seven) relevant registered vendors for any purchases/services.
  • Orders for Aircraft parts and material shall be issued to acceptable and appropriately approved sources of supply after due negotiation.
  • Manage all aspects of the Component Support Agreement and liaise with the contracted agency.
  • Will ensure that all Purchase Orders for aircraft parts and/or material clearly state full and complete details of the parts and materials requested, including but not limited the full Part Number with the “Dash” number for components and the full specification for material inclusive of the illustrated parts catalogue reference as provided by an authorized person.
  • Will ensure that all Orders for aircraft parts are fully documented and completed and all supporting documentation filed along with the orders.
  • All parts procured for aircraft maintenance should accompany with their relevant airworthiness documents (EASA Form-1/FAA 8130-3/TCCA 24-0078 for Rotables and COC for Expendables & Consumables).
  • Track all shipments until delivery to Stores.Follow up with vendors/freight forwarders/customs house agents for prompt transportation and customs clearance.
  • Appoint customs clearance Agency. Liaise with the clearing agency for customs clearance. Will ensure customs clearance of all Imports/Exports. Provide catalogues for correct application of duty. Certify Bills of Clearing Agency for Receipt/Export of materials and attend any other matters pertaining to customs clearance.
  • Will be responsible to track all the defects and raise Warranty claims for components/services where applicable and follow up for prompt final settlements.
  • Prepare appropriate Insurance claims in liaison with the Maintenance Control Centre; collate all documents and proofs for onward submission to the Insurance Agency.The claim will be followed up until final settlement.
  • Will also liaise with RBI through Finance Department and DGCA through Quality Assurance Department for requisite permissions related to Imports/Exports pertaining to Engineering.
  • Will advise Asst Manager - Stores to dispatch rapidly the unserviceable components for repair, test or overhaul against the relevant Repair / Work Order issued by him.
  • Ensuring that late return charges are not invoked.
  • For ensuring that the appropriate training of procurement staff is undertaken and specialist training, if any, are in place.
  • The continuous liaison with the engineering & planning department and material planners so as to ensure that all aircraft parts are procured in a timely manner to meet operational requirements.
  • To release orders all loans as per requirement of engineering after the normal working hours.
  • Submit returns & reports to the Manager – Logistics as laid down by the management.

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Job ID: QJ/Rec/FS/01
Job Title: Head – Flight Safety
Location: Bengaluru
Education Qualifications:
  • Graduate with ALTP or similar background

Work Experience:
  • At least 15years airline operational experience

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Accident / Incident investigation and audit experience

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • Advance SMS Course at IATA
  • Safety Audit Course at IATA

    Accident prevention and safety management advisor to establish, implement and control the Company flight safety programme. The post-holder will have access to all departments at all levels. The primary responsibility is to provide information and advice on flight safety matters to the CEO.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Advise the management on methods to improve safety and promote accident prevention efforts in the Airline.
  • Ensuring that a Flight Safety Manual is prepared which describes the airline's safety policy & procedures that all employees are familiarized with this Manual and comply with the same. The Flight Safety Manual is reviewed and amended periodically so that its contents are in compliance with the current requirements/changes.
  • Establishing a reporting system which provides for a timely and free flow of safety-related information; including Promoting and supervising the Anonymous Voluntary Reporting Program and Ensure confidentiality of the reporter’s identity.
  • Maintaining the air safety occurrence reporting database.
  • Monitoring corrective actions and flight safety trends.
  • Coordinating the DGCA Mandatory Occurrence Reporting requirements.
  • Soliciting and processing safety improvement suggestions.
  • Developing and maintaining a safety awareness programme.
  • Liaising with the heads of all departments Company-wide on flight safety matters.
  • Acting as Chairman of the Company Flight Safety Committee, arranging its meetings and keeping records of such meetings
  • Disseminating flight safety-related information Company-wide through flight safety circulars/ Bulletins
  • Maintaining an open liaison with manufacturers' customer flight safety departments, government regulatory bodies and other flight safety organisations world-wide.
  • Assisting with the investigation of accidents; and conducting and coordinating investigations into incidents.
  • Carrying out safety audits and planned/spot inspections.
  • Maintaining familiarity with all aspects of the Company's activities and its personnel.
  • Assist recruitment/selection boards of the Company as and when required and Organize recruitment and posting of officers and staff of the flight safety department.
  • Reviewing and evaluating adequacy of the emergency response plan. To co-ordinate the training & implementation of ERP.
  • Planning and controlling the Flight Safety budget.
  • Managing or have oversight of the Flight Data Analysis / Flight Data Monitoring to ensure implementation of the FOQA Program.
  • Publishing the periodic Company flight safety magazine. Organize safety seminars and workshops to promote safety awareness.
  • Participation in corporate strategic planning.
  • To function as Safety Manager in the Safety Management System.

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Job ID: QJ/Rec/FS/03
Job Title: Safety Officer - FOQA
Location: Bengaluru
Education Qualifications:
  • Science Graduate/ Adequate tech skills

Work Experience:
  • 5years.

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Min 5 Yrs experience in FDR & CVR data down loading, system management and analysis of data. Training and experience in SMS implementation.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • AME.

    Assist the manager in all matters concerning flight safety and ensure highest levels of safety in line with defined company values.

  • Monitor Crew Performance
  • Monitoring FDR / CVR as per regulatory requirements
  • Cross Check Load and Trim of Aircraft on a regular basis
  • Maintain hazards and Incidents log and Conduct Trend Analysis of hazards & Incidents
  • Ensure Cabin Safety Aspects
  • Ensure Apron Discipline
  • Monitor FDTL of crewmembers.
  • Monitor Minima Violation
  • Monitor training status of all operational personnel
  • Assisting the HOFS in day to ¬day management of the Safety Management System.
  • Working together as a multi-disciplinary team to address quality and safety issues in an integrated way.
  • Ensuring the HOFS is appropriately briefed on all aspects of Quality and Safety performance.
  • Conducting independent audits and investigations as directed
  • Identification of areas and opportunities for improvement.
  • Assist in identification and Management of hazards and provide specialist advice.
  • Recording and Maintaining Safety committee proceedings and Promoting the SMS.
  • Monitoring best industry practices and regulatory changes for possible improvements or changes.
  • Maintaining records of safety performance and corrective/mitigation actions

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Job Title: Flight Dispatcher
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:
  • Passed class 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics & Mathematics from a recognized board/university

Work Experience:
  • Holding a DGCA approved license as a Flight Dispatcher on type operated by Quikjet and meets QRs, recurrent & recency requirements as per DGCA CAR section 7, series M, part II

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Good Written And Spoken Communication Skills
  • Proficiency In Computer Applications

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • Radio Telephony License

  • Provide pre-flight Briefing to the operating crew on airports and current Notams, Weather, Communication, Load, Route, AOMs, ETOPS , if applicable etc.
  • Preparation and Filing of ATC flight plan.
  • Preparation of the Navigation/Operational flight plan.
  • Maintain Liaison with ATS units and AOCC’s of the airport.
  • Maintain close coordination within Quikjet with OCC, Ground Operations, MCC, Security and commercial departments and other concerned departments.
  • Coordinating OTP/movement of the flights in his/her tour of duties.
  • Ensuring proper documentation both of Flight Dispatch and Aircraft documents, as per the regulatory and Company’s requirement.
  • Flight watch.
  • Communication with regard to operations during tour of his/her duties, and
  • Aid Captain/OCC in Operational control of flights , as per Operational Manual.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • He / She should have a clear understanding of the job-functions and processes in day to day flight operations in ensuring safe and smooth flights.
  • Enhancing their aviation knowledge and skills which directly impact their job and skill requirements for the position employed as also enumerated in CAR Section 7 Series M Part II.
  • During the tour of his/her duties, carrying out duties and being responsible for the functions related to the flight dispatch as enumerated in the Ops Manual, OCC Manual, Flight Dispatch Manual and CAR Section 7 , Series M Part II , in so far the functions related to their position ; such as;
  • Preparation of the operational flight plan
  • Inputting correct operational data of the concerned flight in ARMS (FPDS) and Extracting navigational/operational flight plan from ARMS.
  • Preparation of the Met folder for the flight’s sector/s(route and Airports).Collect the latest meteorological data from the concerned agencies and thoroughly analyse the possible effects of the weather on the route to be flown in the light of meteorological reports and forecasts for the destination and alternate aerodromes; recent weather reports and forecasts for the route and areas adjacent to it; and current weather maps;
  • Collect the latest available data on standard instrument departures, en-route facilities, noise abatement operational procedures, navigation aids, aerodrome facilities, ATC and communication procedures, NOTAM, runway conditions, search and rescue facilities and other information and regulations likely to affect the flight and brief the flight crew as required.
  • Prepare an operational flight plan consistent with standard instrument departures, noise abatement operational procedures, ATC regulations and the regulations of all the States to be over flown for the consideration of the pilot-in-command; Aid Captain and OCC, to delay or cancel the flight or otherwise decide on a possible route or alternative routes which may be flown safely and in accordance with Company procedures and standards, taking into account likely weather conditions at the destination and alternate aerodromes; en-route weather; and the maximum fuel load possible.
  • Provide the meteorological briefing to the flight crew.
  • Brief the crew on the route analysis and the operational flight plan bringing to his notice the factors that have influenced the choice of route;
  • Furnish the pilot-in-command with all latest available information on the route to be flown;
  • Prepare and ensure filing of the ATC flight plan, as per the existing procedures. Timely revision of flight plans as and when required.
  • Any other functions deemed necessary for the safe operation of the flight.
  • Other duties enlisted in the Company's Operation Manual
  • Ascertaining from MCC of aircraft serviceability and MEL/s, if any.
  • Providing load inputs, Max, type etc
  • Making available RTOW charts to the crew, as required.
  • Providing other operational information as required.
  • Obtain the Pilot-in-command's signed concurrence with the operational flight plan;
  • After the detailed briefing on above and other operational aspects, collation of all briefing documents and making the TRIP-KIT Folder and handing over the same to the operating captain/co-pilot.
  • In the event of an emergency, a Flight Dispatcher shall:
  • initiate such procedures as outlined in the operations manual while avoiding taking any action that would conflict with ATC procedures; and convey safety-related information to the pilot-in-command that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight, including information related to any amendments to the flight plan that become necessary in the course of the flight.
  • Ensure that FIC and ADC clearances(numbers) have been obtained and,
  • Ensure the validation of ATC flight plan and its clearances
  • Ensuring the uplift of crew meals as per the requirements
  • Responsible towards OTP (On-Time Performance) and the how the position plays a Key role in so far as the OTP mandate laid-down by Quikjet Policy.
  • To take all anticipatory actions, including escalation to managers/HOD, if required, to ensure that there are NO delays in achieving the OTP. In case of anticipated likely delays to escalate /raise the issue to appropriate level at the earliest by keeping one situationally aware of the flows of the processes that may impinge on the OTP.
  • Liaising, during his/her tour of duties, with ATS briefing units and AOCCs, IAF MLU etc of airports intended to be used by QJ operations both Schedule and Non-Schedule charters. Especially information pertaining to about the runway closures and restriction of flight levels and routes etc. Recording and informing the pertinent information to all concerned.
  • Maintain close and pro-active coordination with internal departments of Quikjet involved in day to day operations and informing all concerned departments (Engineering, Commercial, Ground Ops etc). If an anytime restriction on load capacity of flight/s is known, informing all concerned.
  • Monitoring the progress of flights/Flight-watch.
  • In the event of emergency and/or accident involving Quikjet flights during his/her tour of duties taking/initiating action as required as per initiate laid down procedure
  • Ensure that the operating crew have done their pre-flight medical examination
  • Liaising with Engineering/MCC for refueling and tinkering, if permitted as per Company policy.
  • Before each flight, ensuring crew FDTL compliance thru’ ARMS. Communication of next day roster of all the planned flights to crew.
  • Support OCC in its function especially in disruption management (un-serviceability of aircraft /airport closure/weather etc) by timely coordination with OCC/Flight dispatch managers. Advise and co-ordinate with other departments concerned regarding aircraft movement, changes, delays etc.
  • Maintaining Company communication protocol as laid-down. And during his /her tour of duty sending aircraft movement messages/email etc as per the procedure in the flight Ops Manual. Passing proper information about the movement of the aircraft to the concerned departments (IOC, Commercial, Engineering, Catering, Security, ATC etc).
  • Checking and updating Ops documents (Jeppesens, RTOW charts, AIP supplements, Notams, AIC and its revisions etc) in the flight dispatch library /OCC and on-board the aircraft, as applicable, as per the responsibility /periodicity which is assigned in Flight Dispatch Manual or may be assigned by any order.
  • As this position requires work in shifts, thus, during his /her tour of duties, ensuring a proper take-over /handover. And on arrival, obtaining a written and a thorough and briefing on the operational aspects related to his/her functions. And at the end of his/her shift providing the reliever a similar written briefing.
  • Taking actions as per the procedure on the check-lists of various activities as specified.
  • Checking and upkeep of all Company assets of OCC/Flight Dispatch sections i.e infrastructure & facilities.
  • During his/her tour of duties periodically checking the proper functioning and accessibility of the various software modules provided for certain his/her job-functions; such as, ARMS , FOS Software (RTOW). And, reporting of faults/bugs in them as soon as it becomes known.
  • Ensure the monitoring of Company channel for any information passed by Quikjet aircraft and dissemination of the same to the concerned section department.
  • Checking of all pre-flight and post-flight documents for correctness and their proper upkeep.
  • Data entry in ARMS of the tech log data. Correct and error-free entries are very critical and this must be ensured.
  • Acquire and ensure thorough knowledge and understanding of the policy, processes & procedures of OTP, Flight Dispatch Manual, OCC Manual, ERP.
  • Have good knowledge of use of operational documents such as Quikjet Ops manual, Jeppesen airway manual & charts, Aircraft FCOMs/AFMs, RTOW charts related to flight operations.
  • Fair awareness related to his/her functions, of the contents of Flight Ops procedure Manual, Ground Ops Manual, DGCA CARS, AIP/AICs other related documents (SMS manual,) and other function-related policies & procedures.
  • Be well conversant with HR policy specifically pertaining to his/her employment, management of Company assets, communication policy, personal conduct and discipline.

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Job ID : QJ/Rec/EM/10
Job Title : Technical Officer - Technical Publications
Location : Bengaluru
Education Qualifications:
  • BSc in Library Science /AME Diploma/ Degree in Engineering

Work Experience:
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Airlines Engineering and Maintenance or Flight operations related technical publications.
  • Experience in library management preferable.
  • Preferably worked in the technical services or publications related to B737-800 type aircrafts.

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Good computer and DTP skills.
  • Ability to differentiate aircraft related technical publications and understands its importance.
  • Knowledge of Boeing /Airbus Technical Publications.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • CAR M
  • SMS
  • Human Factors
  • FTS
  • Library management & publication knowledge- Preferable

  • To develop, implement and manage the technical library and the documentation processes of technical publications as per the EPM procedures.
  • Establish and periodically review the processes and procedures that defines the controls needed for document management.
  • Establish and implement an efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, approval, maintenance, use and disposal of documents and manuals.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Responsible for subscription & receipt, upkeep, revision / amendment, distribution of controlled and uncontrolled document and ensuring the currency of such documentation is maintained and accessible to the users.
  • Ensure subscription with OEM’s & STC Holders of all relevant technical documents for the airframe, engines, propeller and other components of all aircraft operated as per requirement of Engineering and Flight Operations.
  • Establish and control revision process for External and internal manuals and documents.
  • Ensure ICAO/IATA manuals subscriptions and timely renewal of the same.
  • Monitoring expiry dates of publication subscriptions and online access to websites and ensure timely subscription renewals.
  • Shall be the custodian of Quikjet controlled documentation.
  • Shall act as the Administrator of the intranet E- Library.
  • Responsible of Technical Documentation Automation & System Support for users of all other Departments.
  • Responsible for ensuring effective systems are provided to manage and control the documents.
  • Ensure backups are stored independently and remain in good condition for easy access.
  • Maintain copies of all technical manuals and in-house manuals in the technical library.
  • Maintain soft copies of latest revisions of AD’s, SB’s, SL’s & CAR.
  • Ensure upkeep of all technical documents in safe and secured environment.
  • Ensure obsolete documents are removed from active circulation and disposed as per the EPM procedures.
  • Prepare and circulate publication revision status every month.
  • Maintain & update Technical publications and Documents stock register.
  • Soft & hard copies of technical documents to be classified as per classification code and to be disseminated as per distribution list with dispatch form and acknowledgment form.
  • Soft copies of technical documents to be kept updated in online document control portal & Quikjet E-library and in case of any updates, same to be communicated to the concerned departments.
  • Take stock of aircraft on-board manuals on initial induction or at lease return.v
  • Aircraft on-board manuals to be identified and on receipt of revisions to be distributed to Flight dispatcher/MCC for on-board update in the first available opportunity.
  • On receipt of Jeppesen Charts subscribed by Flight Operations, revisions to be entered on Stock register and forwarded to Flight Dispatcher for on-board update along with dispatch form & acknowledgement form.
  • Ensure that all the acknowledgement forms are received and filed for record purposes.
  • Register on EASA/FAA/OEM websites to receive regular notifications; On receipt of notifications, applicability to be checked and if applicable, evaluation form to be raised and sent to Technical Services for evaluation; Completed evaluation form’s received from Technical Services to be recorded and filed.
  • Visit EASA/FAA websites for bi-weekly reports of AD's and ensure that follow up action has been initiated for all applicable AD's; If any AD has been overlooked, same to be intimated immediately to Technical Services; Bi-weekly reports to be printed, signed (with date) and filed.
  • Monitor DGCA website for new / revision of CARS and Circulars. Relevant information’s should be circulated to the concerned departments for follow up action.
  • Preparation of Technical Publication Circular in case of addition or revision of any technical document and to be circulated to the concerned departments.
  • Conduct internal audit (across the network) of the existing facilities related to Technical Publications and revise procedures as necessary.
  • Preparation and management of Annual budgets of Technical publication section.
  • Conduct training sessions about the technical publication and documentation.

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Job ID: QJ/Rec/GO/03
Job Title: Asst Station Manager
Location: Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad
Education Qualifications:
  • Science Graduates preferably with an MBA in Operations Management / Supply chain Management / Marketing

Work Experience:
  • Minimum 5 to 7 years of total airline cargo and airport services related work experience.
  • At least 2 years in a Managerial or Senior Executive position covering an appropriate combination of experience in cargo industry with exposure to International & domestic freight handling, Aircraft Ramp handling, Airport services and customer service in a reputed cargo airline.

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Air Freight and Aircraft Ramp Handling procedures and airport coordination.
  • Good knowledge of Interlining and Bonded Cargo movements and related customs regulations.
  • Knowledge and experience in cargo palletisation, palletized cargo movement, Shoring, tiedown and loading of special and non standard cargo.
  • Good working knowledge of DGCA/IATA /ICAO Dangerous Goods regulations.
  • Budgeting and cost control.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • Load & Trim.
  • DGR.
  • SMS.
  • Supply Chain Management (preferable)

  • Lead and Manage the Freight and Ground Operations at the station level.
  • Ensuring that the focus is maintained on delivering:
    1. On-time departure of aircraft.
    2. Efficient freight movement.
    3. Exceptional Service Levels.
  • Overall management of the station level activities.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Ensuring compliance with all DGCA regulations and directives, International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) procedures, various airport procedures and regulations by the airport operator, QO operating procedures and administrative directives.
  • Develop and assign responsibilities to Ground Operations staff at station level to achieve outstanding service levels. Continuously monitor, review & report actual operational performance.
  • Check that the cargo is loaded and off loaded as specified in the load plan and to ensure that the safety of the aircraft is not compromised and the product quality standards are maintained. Ensure safe on load and offload of the aircraft.
  • Plan staff duty rosters in order to ensure necessary personnel are on duty at all stages of flight and cargo handling.
  • Responsible to ensure at station level that effective contingency plans are in place for dealing with flight delays and disruptions that may affect routine freight and flight operations.
  • Responsible to obtain Night Parking Bays at the airport and to obtain arrival and departure slots for the schedule and charter flights.
  • Set up infrastructure at station level including;
    1. Operation Offices.
    2. Engineering Offices.
    3. Cargo Warehouses.
  • Establish and maintain effective liaison with regulatory authorities and agencies like DGCA, AAI, BCAS and other airport operators.
  • Report all accident/incident to HOD and HOS, ensure appropriate corrective/preventative actions are taken to prevent re-occurrences. Assist in the follow-up of ground operations incidents, liaise with 3rd party to collect relevant information enabling the management to take adequate corrective actions.
  • Ensure that the ground and freight operations policies are reviewed on periodic basis and revisions are suggested to HOD.
  • Handle / Co-ordinate Charter Flights (both Domestic and International).
  • Co-coordinate training / training programs for employees within the organisation / GHA’s.
  • Effectively deal with problems arising such as cargo mishandling, delayed or non-delivery etc.
  • Monitor competitor activities and market trends, compile cargo related statistical information, provide feedback and recommend sales policies Commercial department to assist in planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy.
  • Responsible warehouse management in case of Company owned warehouses.
  • Responsible for annual budgeting for the station and managing the costs within allocated budgets.
  • Manage the station accounts and work closely with finance department for related statements and third party payments.
  • Support flight operations department at station level in their day to day functioning.
  • Monitor KPI’s and goals for the station.
  • Responsible for resolving all audit observations and NCRs pertaining to the department at station level.
  • Ensure submission of reports & returns to the management as per the laid down time frame.
  • Undertakes environmental scanning in order to keep abreast of developments in customer expectations and service levels.
  • Liaise with G.H.A. for resolving any operational issues.
  • Conduct regular/spot audits for cargo operations at station level and on all service providers/customers covering subjects such as safety of cargo consolidation, accuracy of weighing, qualification of those staff responsible for signing QO airway bills and the Company’s policy on dangerous goods acceptance etc.
  • Familiarize with OCC manual and procedures and proactively keep OCC always advised of the ground level realities in terms of aircraft and cargo readiness for on time departure.
  • Conduct other duties as directed by Head –Ground and Freight Operations.

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Job ID: QJ/Rec/GO/04
Job Title: Executive/ Sr Executive – Ground Operations
Location: Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad
Education Qualifications:
  • Plus 2 with Science.
  • Science graduate – Preferable.

Work Experience:
  • Minimum 2-3 Years’ experience in Airline Operations with at least 2 years with a cargo airline covering an appropriate combination of experience with exposure to International & domestic freight handling, Aircraft Ramp handling operations, Airport services and customer service.

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Knowledge of Air Freight and Aircraft Ramp Handling requirements and procedures and airport coordination.
  • Knowledge and experience in cargo palletisation, palletized cargo movement, Shoring, tiedown and loading of Special and non standard cargo.
  • Knowledge of DGCA/IATA /ICAO Dangerous Goods regulations.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • Load & Trim.
  • DGR.
  • SMS.
  • Supply Chain Management ( preferable)

Flight Dispatch Functions
  • The Executive is to ensure that all QO aircrafts are safely loaded/ Offloaded, load sheet are prepared on time, the documentation including the Load sheet, Dangerous Goods documents, loading instructions (LIR) are done as per the guidelines laid down by Ground Operations Manual and in compliance with DGCA and IATA regulations.
  • Perform flight Operations department functions.

Ground Operations
  • Ensuring Cargo is accepted, screened, built up for the flight and delivered as per the laid down procedures.
  • Inspect incoming cargo and check the import/export documentation to determine cargo contents, identification of hidden or suspected DG.
  • Ensuring the load sheet is prepared as per the load and trim requirements of the W & B manual and the DGCA requirements.
  • Monitor and supervise safe on load and offload of the aircraft by Ground handling staff.
  • Preparation of Loading /offloading instructions, load sheet, NOTOC, and any other document required by the crew is given on time.
  • Safely filing of load, LIR and trim and the dangerous goods documents at stations.
  • Coordinate with MCC for the GPU, ground support vehicles/ Equipment for maintenance requirement.
  • Monitor the usage of chargeable services like GPU etc. and maintain accurate records of its utilization.
  • Observe safe ground-handling procedures and maintenance of ground service equipment, including the performance of equipment checks.
  • Inspect service provider’s equipment’s to ensure the same is serviceable for safe operation.
  • Perform duties that of a ramp agent.
  • Coordinate with MCC for any additional requirement of grounds support equipment during AOG recovery.
  • Familiarize with OCC manual and procedures and proactively keep OCC always advised of the ground level realities in terms of aircraft and cargo readiness for on time departure.
  • Assist the Station manager in day to day activities.

Flight Operations
  • Carry out the specified support functions of flight dispatch of the flight/s as detailed /rostered, as per the detailed duties listed in Flight Dispatch Manual.
  • Maintain close coordination with Central Flight Dispatch especially in preparation of the trip-kit and handing over to the crew.
  • Support Crew pre-flight medical.
  • Coordinate with OCC on various aspects of flight operations of the aircraft from/to the base.
  • Management and updation of the regulatory & other documents on-board aircraft and in the base flight dispatch office. And perform related functions, i.e. of documentation, in coordination with OCC/Central Flight Dispatch/Trg Department/Tech Library.
  • ARMS data entry and updation.
  • Routine administration of the Base flight dispatch office.

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Job Title: Executive/Sr Executive - Security
Location: Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad
Education Qualifications:
  • 10 +2, Graduate (Preferably Science)

Work Experience:
  • Minimum of 03 Months in the airport.

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Preferably having DG Training.
  • Have Basic Computer Knowledge.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • Basic AVSEC
  • X-Ray Screeners Test
  • Dangerous Goods( preferable)

  • Responsible for entire day to day security operations of the Airport.

  • Will report to the Security Officers/Sr. Security Executive at the Airport.
  • Will Operate XBIS as per BCAS laid down norms as and when required
  • Maintain surveillance over the movement of screened cargo, couriers bags etc of Quikjet from X-BIS located at the cargo warehouse to the aircraft.
  • Security of Cargo, other documents and equipment.
  • Will be trained and certified by BCAS before deployment of security Duties
  • Maintain surveillance and check sticker / strap of cargo before loading it into cargo trolleys / holds of the Quikjet aircraft.
  • Ensure effective access control into all Quikjet aircrafts
  • Ensure anti-sabotage pre-flight checks of Quikjet aircraft are carried out.
  • Ensure proper guarding of Quikjet aircraft parked in apron is done.
  • Supervise all loading and cleaning activities for Quikjet in airports.
  • Any other duties as assigned by Security Officers/Sr.Security Executive.

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Job ID: QJ/Rec/CO/01
Job Title: Business Analyst
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:
  • BE.
  • MBA Finance.

  • Software experience with various office computer packages, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. – Proficient
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Good organisational and time management skills
  • Good attitude and willingness to learn
  • Freshers can apply

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Job Title: Manager - IT
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:
  • ME/ M Tech/ B Tech - Computer Science

Work Experience:
  • Five Years Experience in Customer Support – Systems / Network

    To beresponsible for providing a high level of operational availability and stability for all IT related networking, systems and software. The role also entails providing a high level of IT support services to all employees of the Company as well as 24 hour coverage for the computer systems, either on site or remotely, depending on business needs. To be responsible for the detailed design, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the IT architecture, hardware and software for the Company employees.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time
  • Supervise all daily and weekly IT procedures in the Company
  • Design and implement Preventive Maintenance for all IT hardware & software
  • To be fully in charge of the IT dept and all of its related issues
  • Checking daily backups, all system interfaces, server hardware and logs
  • Managing the IT team, assigning their daily jobs, and training them on all needed theoretical and practical procedures, troubleshooting and support within corporate standards
  • Work and manage suppliers for any software/ hardware requirements and conflicts
  • Follow up all claims that are being forwarded to the IT dept
  • Document, archive all correspondence and troubleshooting, follow up suppliers’ visits and maintenance
  • Develop and adapt any ideas that bring IT services to a higher level
  • Bridge any gaps that the IT dept might face and come up with plans to advance its operations
  • Assist existing/new properties when it is required
  • Be familiar with industry standards and the advancements in IT which are happening

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Job Title: Asst Manager – HR
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Well versed with usage of various types of MS software

  • Provide human resource and personnel management support to the organization

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time
  • Maintenance of personnel files
  • Ensure complete compliance of all statutory regulations inclusive of Provident Fund
  • Responsible for the entire recruitment process of the company
  • Attend to employee grievances and ensure employee discipline
  • Ensure employee information and documents are kept currenton internal HR portal
  • Handle all background verifications till closure
  • Handle internal employee matters like Transfer and Insurance
  • Ensure all vendor agreements are current and renewed

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Job Title: Executive – HR
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:

Work Experience:
  • 2-3 years of HR related experience – preferably from an airline

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Well versed with usage of various types of MS software

    Provide human resource and personnel management support to the organization.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Zero defects in the area of Payroll.
  • Maintenance of personnel files
  • Complete joining formalities.
  • Ensure complete compliance of all statutory regulations inclusive of Provident Fund.
  • Ensure employee information and documents are kept current on internal HR portal.
  • Handle all background verifications till closure.
  • Handle internal employee matters like Transfer and Insurance.
  • Ensure all vendor agreements are current and renewed.

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Job Title: Continuing Airworthiness Manager - CAM
Location: Bangalore
Education Qualifications:
  • Engineering degree OR Holder of AME license.

Work Experience:
  • 15 years of aviation work experience of which at least 10 years in a Managerial/ Sr. Managerial position covering an appropriate combination of experience in tasks related to aircraft engineering & maintenance and/or containing airworthiness management (engineering) and / or surveillance of such task(s) (Quality or Quality Assurance).
  • Preferably worked in the Maintenance or Technical Services or Planning or Quality related to B737-800 type aircrafts

Skills/ Special Requirements:
  • Prior managerial experience in similar positions.
  • Good understanding on Part M Subparts G requirements,
  • Experience in CAMO functions.
  • Proficient in maintenance management software and Microsoft office programs.
  • Good knowledge of the airline maintenance and engineering processes and procedures.
  • Strong production planning, control and Technical Service skills.
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels internally and externally.
  • Good interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Good Leadership Skills.
  • Budgeting and cost control.

Professional Training/ Courses:
  • CAR M
  • SMS
  • Human Factors
  • FTS
  • Airworthiness Management- Preferable
  • Aircraft type training (Level 1/3) B737-800 – Preferable.
  • Business Management- Preferable
  • Project Management - Preferable

  • CAM is nominated post holder, and therefore responsible for ‘Continuing Airworthiness Management Functions’ of Quikjet.
  • Establishing and development of continuing airworthiness policy in compliance with DGCA regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with the conditions and restrictions of the AOP, applicable regulatory requirements and standards established by Quikjet.
  • Ensure efficient functioning of the E & M department and ensure targets set by the management are achieved.
  • To implement the Company policy and procedures for safe and cost effective maintenance of aircraft.
  • Management and oversight of all CAMO functions and standards of aircraft maintenance.

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as under and also as may be specified by the Company from time to time.
  • Development, amendment and approval of Quikjet’s Aircraft Maintenance Programme(s) required by CAR M Appendix I to AMC M.A 302 & AMC M.B 301 (b).
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the Maintenance Programme(s) as required by CAR M.A 708 (B) & Appendix I to AMC M.A 302 & AMC M.B 301(b).
  • Establishment of a Maintenance Contract with a CAR 145 approved Maintenance Organisation, required by CAR M.A 201 (h) 2.
  • Ensuring that the corrective actions required to address findings of the Quality audits are taken within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Development and approval of Quikjet’s Technical Log(s) required by CAR M.A 306, including any subsequent amendments thereto.
  • Ensuring that aircraft technical records are kept as required by the CAME and present the records to DGCA upon request.
  • Ensure;
  • Amendment and control of the CAME.
  • Modifications and repairs (changes) are carried out to an approved standard.
  • Airworthiness Directive review and embodiment.
  • Non-mandatory modification embodiment policy.
  • Rectification of all defects.
  • Coordinate scheduled maintenance, application of airworthiness directives, replacement of service life limited parts and component inspection to ensure the work is carried out properly.
  • Ensure current maintenance data is available for the performance of continuing airworthiness tasks.
  • Ensure the Certificate of Airworthiness for each aeroplane operated by Quikjet remains valid in respect of
  • The airworthiness of the aeroplane
  • The expiry date specified on the Certificate, and
  • Any other condition specified in the Certificate.
  • Conduct liaison meetings with contracted AMO and review any maintenance issues.
  • Review and implement as appropriate, any additional DGCA requirements.
  • Establish system to ensure all maintenance on the fleet aircraft are carried out as per the DGCA approved AMP and all operational and emergency equipment’s are serviceable and installed correctly prior to flight operation.
  • Ensure Control of weight & balance.
  • Ensure Archiving of continuing airworthiness records in accordance with the CAR-M requirements and establish adequate systems to achieve the same.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate resources to rectify the deficiencies brought out by various audits and ensure appropriate corrective action.
  • Develops and assigns responsibilities to staff of Engineering and Maintenance.
  • Liaise with regulatory authorities constantly to build relations.
  • Promote and cultivate a working culture in the department, which is striving and conducive for high standards of quality, productivity, safety, cleanliness, teamwork and workmanship.
  • Responsible for resolving all audit observations and NCRs pertaining to the department.
  • Ensure submission of reports & returns to the management as per the laid down time frame.
  • Responsible for identifying service providers for the department related services.
  • Responsible for annual budgeting for the department and managing the costs within allocated budgets.
  • Ensure submission of reports & returns to the management as per the laid down time frame.
  • Establish and monitor KPI’s and goals for the department.

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